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Please find below BMFN trading hour adjustments for US Independence Day Holiday 2017

 Monday, July 3rdTuesday, July 4th
FXAs UsualAs Usual
EQs & ETFsAs UsualClosed
Index CFDs
France 40As UsualAs Usual
Europe 50As UsualAs Usual
Germany 30As UsualAs Usual
UK FTS 100As UsualAs Usual
Japan 225Close at 13:00Close at 13:00
US SP 500Close at 13:00Close at 13:00
US NASQ 100Close at 13:00Close at 13:00
DJ 30Close at 13:00Close at 13:00
Commodity CFDs
US Crude OilAs UsualClose at 12:30
Gold / PlatinumAs UsualClose at 12:30
SilverAs UsualClose at 12:30

*All times in EDT

Please contact the BMFN Helpdesk on [email protected] if you have any questions.

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