• Are you new at foreign exchange trading?
  • Are you not able to watch the market 24-hours a day?
  • Do you not have time to trade your own account?
Would you like experts to manage your account?


is the solution

The investors can access their managed accounts at any time without any trading authorization. It is an effective way for investors to benefit from the knowledge, resources and experience of an investment management team without the restrictions of investing in a hedge fund or other alternative investment vehicles.

The Advisor seeks capital appreciation over time through global macro investing using a combination of fundamental and technical analysis. Fundamental analysis relies on a study of those external factors that affect supply and demand.

Traders look at benefits in working with BMFN
  • Reasons to invest in FXMA and FXMA PLUS includes but not limited to:
  • Active and hands-on management of your investments by experienced professionals.
  • Minimum initial Investment of $25,000.
  • 24-hours a day access to your account.
  • A systematic and disciplined trading methodology.
  • Liquidity of assets - money can be withdrawn at any time.
  • Potential to earn competitive returns.
  • You should carefully read the Principal Risk Factors section on page 9 for a discussion of the potential risks of an investment in FXMA and FXMA PLUS.
Fee structure
  • Minimum Investment - $25,000 - Deposits of less than $25,000 will not be accepted.
  • Management Fee - 3%.
  • Performance Fee - 30%.
  • High Water Mark - Yes.
  • Deposits/Withdrawals - Daily.
  • Advanced Reporting - Access to read-only detailed reporting available.
  • Any questions should be sent to [email protected]

To complete the application process for the BMFN Money Managed Account please fulfill the following steps in the application:

  • Step 1:Choose between FXMA and FXMA PLUS
  • Step 2:Complete and sign:
  • Exhibit A- Client Acknowledgment of Disclosure Document
  • Exhibit B- Client Information Questionnaire
  • Exhibit C- Managed Account Agreement
  • Step 3:Open an account with Boston Merchant Financial Ltd, including the firm’s power-of- attorney form authorizing BMFN as attorney-in-fact.
  • Step 4:Fund the account.
  • Step 5:Return the items referenced in 1 to 2 above via fax + 1-514-221-3812 or email via [email protected], or to your regional Boston Merchant Financial Representative.

To begin your account application, please fill out the application form. After you have sub-mitted your information, Boston Merchant will contact you via email, either approving your account or requesting more information. If approved, you will receive a welcome email with a document attached to the email. In this document, you will find your account number, brokerage information and how to access the trading platform to monitor your account. You will also find the wire transfer instructions in the document on how to fund your account. Before Money Management team can trade your account, you must sign a limited power of attorney form. This allows us to act in your capacity to place trades in your account. We cannot withdraw or deposit funds into your account. We can only trade the account, and Boston Merchant can deduct a commission to be paid to them each month if there is a profit made. You will be able to download the trading platform, and login with the instructions provided in your welcome document from Boston Merchant to see the trades made on the account. If at anytime you wish to cease trading on the account, or make a withdrawal or deposit of funds, simply ask us for the appropriate forms.


Frequently Asked Questions


An investment account that is owned by an individual or institutional investor, held at a clearing firm, and traded by hired professional money management team.


To open a Boston Merchant Money Managed Account, you will need to download, complete, and provide us with the following forms:

  • Account application and Customer Agreement.
  • Limited Power of Attorney form.

A Boston Merchant representative will notify you as soon as your application has been processed and approved.


There are three easy ways to fund your account:

  • Wire Transfer – The fastest and easiest way to fund your account. All non-US dollar deposits are converted into US dollars at competitive rates, and your account is funded with US dollars.
  • Credit Card.
  • Personal or Business Check.


  • The minimum initial deposit required to open a Managed Account is $25,000. All deposit and withdrawals can be made any time by submitting an application.
  • Any subsequent deposits must be a minimum of 20% or greater of your applicable minimum initial deposit. (For example, should you have established your FXMA or FXMA PLUS account when the minimum initial deposit was $5,000, any subsequent deposits must be $1,000 or greater. Futher, establishing your FXMA or FXMA PLUS account with a minimum initial deposit of $25,000 would require all subsequent deposits to be a minimum of $5,000.)
  • All deposits that do not meet such requirements will be returned.

Annual Rates of Return



The BMFN Money Managed Account is Boston Merchant Financial’s offered program that allows investors to diversify their capital investments into the Forex market. The program seeks to identify and capitalize on intermediate-term price movements in a broad range of both major and minor currencies in the worldwide market. The account is actively managed by experienced Forex trading professionals (Advisors) with-out the investors having to trade or monitor the market themselves. The investors can access their managed account at any time without any trading authorization. The Advisor seeks capital appreciation over time through global macro investing using a combination of fundamental and technical analysis. It is an effective way for in-vestors to benefit from the knowledge, resources and experience of an investment manager without the restric-tions of investing in a hedge fund or other alternative investment vehicles.


Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results and individual returns may vary amongst investors. Investment return and principal value will fluctuate so that an investor’s account may be worth more or less than their original investment. An investment with Boston Merchant Financial is speculative, involves a high degree of risk, and is designed only for sophisticated investors who are able to bear the loss of more than their entire invest-ment. Read and examine the disclosure document before seeking BMF’s services. The Money Management Program offered by Boston Merchant Financial Ltd, is not being offered within Canada or the United States (US) and not being offered to US and Canadian Persons, as defined under US and Canadian law.

Bmfn global

Boston Merchant Financial Ltd is licensed by The Federal Financial Markets Service Licence Number: 1220

Bmfn europe

BMFN EAD regulated and authorised by the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) Register. Number: RG-03-220

Bmfn Australia

BMFN Pty Ltd is licensed and regulated by Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) ABN 14 145 724 509, AFSL Number 379035


BMFN PTY Ltd is registered as a Financial Service Provider and listed in the Financial Service Providers Register (FSPR), FSP328066


Risk Warning: CFDs are margined products; it is possible to lose more than your initial margin deposit or credit allocation as well as any variation margin that you may be required to deposit from time to time. Therefore you should only speculate with money that you can afford to lose. CFD trading may not be suitable for all customers; therefore please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved and seek independent advice if necessary and prior to entering into such transactions. When trading CFDs with Boston Merchant Financial you are merely trading on the outcome of a financial instrument and therefore do not take delivery of any underlying instrument, nor are you entitled to any dividends payable or any other benefits related to the same. Please be advised, the services and products described on www.bmfn.com and offered by Boston Merchant Financial, Ltd. (BMFN) are not being offered within Canada, the United States or Belgium and not being offered to U.S., Canadian and/or Belgium residents or citizens, as defined under applicable law. BMFN and its products and services offered on the site www.bmfn.com are NOT registered or regulated by any U.S. or Canadian regulator and not regulated by FINRA, SEC, NFA or CFTC.

BMFN reserves the right to retroactively charge storage fees for positions held for extended period of time as stipulated by the market liquidity provider.