Money manager

If you are a licensed Money Manager in a country, where you are residing and searching for alternative investment vehicles, you may want to look at FX and CFD products. Unlike managing traditional equities and futures portfolio, investing in FX and CFDs allows a Money Manager to utilize a greater leverage and abilities to go long and short at the same time. Additionally, a tremendous liquidity of the FX market and 24/6 operation enables a money manager to trade around a clock.

Forex trading platforms overview


Perfect solution for Money Managers, who want to focus more on trading and marketing rather than handling all the back office functions associated with finding clients, setting up and maintaining accounts. At BMFN we offer an access to various trading platforms and easy reports. At BMFN we give Money Managers more time to introduce new investors that want exposure to the benefits of FX and CFDs trading without the worries and hassles associated with self-trading. Managed Accounts are a good way for investors to get introduced to FX and CFDs while leaving the trading to Professionals such as you.

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  • Comprehensive trading platforms.
  • Commissions earned from a leveraged products.
  • 24/7 Reporting functionality to you and your clients.
  • Selection of most liquid Financial Products.
Money manager center console


The Money Manager Center Console enables Money Managers and CTAs to manage their client base. The console offers an easy way for each Manager to execute trades for each individual account or create a group and execute trades for the whole group with one click. The Money Management setting on UT allows a Money Manager to manage clients form different Introdicng Brokers, keeping the integrity of a relationship of a particular IB with his/her clients intact. The MONEY MANAGER CENTER CONSOLE is a comprehensive piece of UniTrader software that allows Money Managers to be in full control of managing clients’ funds.

Money manager center console and its functions


  • Managing all customers from a single window.
  • Opportunity to place trades for either an individual account, group all accounts together, or create groups for each trading strategy.
  • Managing an overall position and Profit/Loss per product and per currency.
  • Setting Stops and Limits on positions for each account or the whole group.
  • Keeping the integrity of the IB clients and their commissions intact and charge separate commissions for Money Management only.
  • Demo and Live MONEY MANAGER CENTER CONSOLE to manage Demo and Live clients.


MAM Trader

The First Multi Account Trader Application embedded within the MT4 Terminal. The BMFN MAM Trader was designed specifically for Professional Traders and Money Managers as a convenient trading tool to operate multiple MT4 trading accounts simultaneously, while trading from one Master Account. The BMFN MAM Trader system is the first and only allocation tool to be integrated within the MT4 platform will not interfere with other non-MAM Trader MT4 client terminals.

MAM Trader

Multi-Account Trader Client Features:

  • Login To One MT4 Terminal
  • Allocate Trades To Multiple Sub Accounts
  • Flexible Allocation Parameters – Lot, Free Margin, Percentage, Balance or Equity
  • Display All Trades In A Tree Structure
  • MetaQuotes Approved MT4 Integration
  • Embedded Inside Native MT4 Terminal
  • Ability To Close Individual Sub-Accounts Trades

Windows 7 or greater, Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 or greater.

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Boston Merchant Financial Ltd is licensed by The Federal Financial Markets Service Licence Number: 1220

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BMFN EAD regulated and authorised by the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) Register. Number: RG-03-220

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BMFN Pty Ltd is licensed and regulated by Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) ABN 14 145 724 509, AFSL Number 379035


BMFN PTY Ltd is registered as a Financial Service Provider and listed in the Financial Service Providers Register (FSPR), FSP328066


Risk Warning: CFDs are margined products; it is possible to lose more than your initial margin deposit or credit allocation as well as any variation margin that you may be required to deposit from time to time. Therefore you should only speculate with money that you can afford to lose. CFD trading may not be suitable for all customers; therefore please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved and seek independent advice if necessary and prior to entering into such transactions. When trading CFDs with Boston Merchant Financial you are merely trading on the outcome of a financial instrument and therefore do not take delivery of any underlying instrument, nor are you entitled to any dividends payable or any other benefits related to the same. Please be advised, the services and products described on and offered by Boston Merchant Financial, Ltd. (BMFN) are not being offered within Canada, the United States or Belgium and not being offered to U.S., Canadian and/or Belgium residents or citizens, as defined under applicable law. BMFN and its products and services offered on the site are NOT registered or regulated by any U.S. or Canadian regulator and not regulated by FINRA, SEC, NFA or CFTC.

BMFN reserves the right to retroactively charge storage fees for positions held for extended period of time as stipulated by the market liquidity provider.