If you are setting up a company that would like to engage in selling financial products, and you want to have your own identity and accept customer’s deposits, Omnibus White Label is the best way to go. BMFN has the tools to set you up with your own Omnibus White Label IB Financial Business.

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Contact [email protected] for the required paperwork. We offer the option to create your own professional website hosted by BMFN, your own client registration link that will tag accounts under your Omnibus WL. You can copy the information from our website to your own URL hosted by your internet provider. You will need to create your own application online or printable. Your clients fill out your firm own applications and you do your own Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer approval, each Financial Institution is now required to do this, no matter where you are located in the world. You will need to have your own Bank Account. You will open accounts for your own clients and make a record.

3 step
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You will receive an email from us that will include the following: your WL IB number, your own website in your own language hosted by BMFN (optional), your own demo system and your own online application that will tag your customers and identify them at BMFN as yours.

You will have the Trading Platform to be branded with your Company name and logo, Demo and Real.

client base

You have an existing client base and wish to generate revenue by offering customized Financial services and products to your customers, as you, your customers and your sales people dictate.


You don’t want to deal with a partner that doesn't understand your business or your customer base and you want to be independent.


You want to be counterparty for your clients to complement your reputation as a market maker and as an independent service provider. It is your firm, your trademark, your logo, your software and your own rules.


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With your own website in the language you want BMFN will provide you with your own registration link that will tag your customers and help them not to be lost among all other customers.

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You and your clients will get access to complete educational course of trading on Forex, CFDs and Equities; how to choose a trading strategy and a complete guide how to trade on MT4.

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You will also have access to see the back office of your demo system and work with your demo leads. You or your sales people can effectively follow up with each demo lead.

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Boston Merchant Financial Ltd is licensed by The Federal Financial Markets Service Licence Number: 1220

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BMFN EAD regulated and authorised by the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) Register. Number: RG-03-220

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BMFN Pty Ltd is licensed and regulated by Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) ABN 14 145 724 509, AFSL Number 379035


BMFN PTY Ltd is registered as a Financial Service Provider and listed in the Financial Service Providers Register (FSPR), FSP328066


Risk Warning: CFDs are margined products; it is possible to lose more than your initial margin deposit or credit allocation as well as any variation margin that you may be required to deposit from time to time. Therefore you should only speculate with money that you can afford to lose. CFD trading may not be suitable for all customers; therefore please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved and seek independent advice if necessary and prior to entering into such transactions. When trading CFDs with Boston Merchant Financial you are merely trading on the outcome of a financial instrument and therefore do not take delivery of any underlying instrument, nor are you entitled to any dividends payable or any other benefits related to the same. Please be advised, the services and products described on and offered by Boston Merchant Financial, Ltd. (BMFN) are not being offered within Canada, the United States or Belgium and not being offered to U.S., Canadian and/or Belgium residents or citizens, as defined under applicable law. BMFN and its products and services offered on the site are NOT registered or regulated by any U.S. or Canadian regulator and not regulated by FINRA, SEC, NFA or CFTC.

BMFN reserves the right to retroactively charge storage fees for positions held for extended period of time as stipulated by the market liquidity provider.